• The United States must withdraw from NATO, which is a tool of imperialist aggression.
• We call for an international alliance against Fascism. The US must support resolutions against fascism presented to the United Nations.
• We call for the disbanding of the CIA, which is the primary tool used to destabilize the governments of other countries and replace them with regimes that support US interests such as in Ukraine, Bolivia, Libya, Afghanistan, and countless other examples. We call on the full investigation of State Department personnel in regards to their roles played in international violations of national sovereignty.
• End all arms sales and aid to South Korea, Taiwan, and the Ukraine.
• The present government of the Ukraine is the product of a state department insurrection against the previously elected government back in 2014. The current Ukrainian government is used as a tool for NATO expansion.
• Cease all sanctions or embargoes on Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, DPRK and other sovereign nations that the US seeks to impose its will on and instead cultivate mutually beneficial trade relations.
• End all arms sales and aid to the Zionist state of Israel. Those arms are used to murder Palestinian youth. We call for the recognition of the Palestinian territories as an independent sovereign state.
• Suspend relations with war-mongering countries like Saudi Arabia and their genocidal war against Yemen.
• End the exploitation of African resources and labor and the interference in the internal affairs of African countries. Support reparations to African countries.
• End the exploitation of Latin American resources and labor and the interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries. Support reparations for Latin American countries.
• Support Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s declaration
• Turn over all AFRICOM, EUROCOM, SOUTHCOM, PACIFICOM, and ASIACOM resources to the countries where they are located and the shutting down of all foreign US military bases
and the withdrawal of all US military personnel in all these command centers.
• Redirect the US’ bloated military budget and transfer funds to the construction of railroads, highways, mass transit, hospitals, schools and other areas of social welfare and human needs. APIC supports the Move the Money to Human Needs campaign.
• Restart the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and reinstate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) with Russia. Insist that the two countries again adhere to the Anti-Ballistic missile (ABM) Treaty.
• Propose that China join the START talks.
• Oppose funding for biological and chemical weapons research.
• Support the sovereignty and independence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as well as its efforts of reunification with the South.
• As long as the US is threatening sovereign countries with nuclear weapons, it is understandable that its victims need to develop a nuclear deterrent.